Small Business Tips Tuesday….A Day Late

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It’s officially Wednesday now so I missed Small Business Tips Tuesday. I have a craft show this weekend and I have clay flying every where in my studio trying to get ready. LOL. I was determined to make 30 ornaments today and in between laundry, taking my son to school & making dinner, I did it! The last batch is baking in the oven right now. Let’s see how many I can pop out tomorrow.

The first resource is and is an online tool for fixing the text and html on your site.

The second one is . This site will allow you to sell your art work, photos, writing, etc.

The last one is strictly personal but if it improves your life, then it improves your business right? You may or may not have read my blog post about gratitude & abundance journals a few days ago. Here it is if you’d like to read it :
A wonderful reader left a comment with an URL of a free computer based gratitude journal that you put on your desktop & use online or off. It’s
I LOVE this tool. It’s so easy to use. After installed, you just click on it, and it automatically goes to the correct day. Then you just type in what you are grateful for and close. Easy as pie.

Now for my last bit of advice comes from the wonderful Lynn Terry of A few weeks ago when I was in one of her webinars, I having a product based site, felt alittle out of place with all the internet marketers there. Lynn sent me a link to her wonderful blog post on how to optimize an ecommerce site. Here it is. Read and enjoy:

Have a great week!

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